30 March 2012

Friday Funny

Maybe I should nudge Pierce into applying for a job...


  1. Awww what a funny and cute rabbit :)

  2. That'll do ... rabbit. We need one that herds ducks.

  3. I thought it was Pierce! :) Lovely rabbit. Brazilian kisses...

  4. That is so fun to watch. Rabbits are pretty tough.

    We used to have a pet bunny in California. Sometimes we'd take her out into the apartment courtyard so she could run around. If another tenant let their dog out, the dog would try to chase her, but she was one tough bunny and she'd fight back and end up chasing the dog. Pretty soon, whenever we took her out, all the dog owners would come out with their dogs just to see the fun. One day she got fed up with the whole thing and jumped in the pool. I think she knew the dogs wouldn't follow her there! (Unfortunately the apartment manager didn't like the thought of a rabbit in the swimming pool, so that was the end of her courtyard playtime.)

    Hope the wrist is mending and you're able to crochet more every day. :)


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