09 March 2012

Friday Funny

in the bag

We finally replaced our 2005 laptop. Out of necessity. The new and improved laptop has a touch pad just like the old one did. And we are as fond of it as we were of the old less-sensitive one. Not.

A new wireless mouse would be required. The morning was the warmest of the month, so I took a different commuter train, opting to walk a mile to the office and stop by a computer store en route to pick up a few items. I love when I can squeeze in a shopping trip without having to drive anywhere.

Got the mouse. Fancy blue one! Picked up a multiple USB port hub while I was at it because the old laptop had three ports and the new one has only two. What's up with that?!? Then I decided a new stack of recordable DVDs for backing up photos would be handy, too, as I was beginning to run low with only about 20 left. Couldn't remember whether I use -R or +R, and I just happened to have a burned DVD in my crochet bag, which contained about 30 little balls of thread, two finished snowflakes, a snowflake in progress, four crochet hooks, reading glasses, a tiny pair of scissors and a few crinkly folded crochet snowflake patterns. And, um, a stack of greeting cards from family I'd yet to put away but did actually read...

Being the bag lady I am, you KNOW that computer store was watching me carefully, making sure I didn't stick anything extra in that plain brown bag recycled from a Tex-Mex lunch a month or so earlier. I determined what I needed, placed the burned DVD back in the bag, selected a tower of DVDs of the proper R persuasion and stood in line for the cashier. For quite a while. Oh, well, I'd be a couple of minutes late to work, but I didn't have to drive, so it would be worth it.

After I paid, I attempted to stash my newly purchased goodies in my crochet bag, which promptly ripped completely down the side, spilling 30 little balls of colorful thread, which romped in their newfound freedom and rolled, or should I say, unrolled, all the way across the floor, completely blocking the store entrance. Unless anyone desiring to come or go had no qualms with walking on spilled spaghetti-like thread doodling like a child with crayons across the floor.

You KNOW those security camera tapes are going to be watched over and over and over for the next couple of days, providing just the right dosage of laughter for bored employees who got a bit more of a show than the shoplifter they were expecting!

Now I'd be a few more minutes late to work, but that's okay. The laughter coming from the cash register and the back of the store made it SO worth it!

The coolest thing of all, though, was I'd carried my fancy schmancy camera along in that very same bag just the day before (because I didn't want it banging around on the packed train if I had it dangling from my shoulder via strap), and the brown paper didn't rip and spill its stringy guts while crating really valuable content!

Now I simply must run back over to that Tex-Mex burrito joint. I need a new brown bag to take all this stuff home on the train tonight.

strung out


  1. I'm just nicely out of bed and washed my face and poured my coffee, and you gave me a great chuckle. Loved that last photo. And I love that you use Lizbeth thread.

  2. :).

    Have a sunny weekend.

  3. Every good photographer always has a camera to register special moments...:)
    Brazilian kisses...

  4. Obviously if you had had some 'Marigold' yarn in that stash, it would have kept the rest in line. Clearly you need some 'Marigold' yarn. And maybe a sturdier bag? :)

  5. You had quite the day :)

  6. Ha! I carry my crochet around in brown paper Penzey's spices bags. I sense a kinship here...

    At least your skirt stayed on this time. :)

    I love the snaking thread photo.

    P.S. You'll probably be hearing from my nephew Philip. The relevant date is June 2nd. He knows you have a busy schedule but will give it a shot anyway.

  7. What a great image from a potentially challenging moment!

  8. (chuckle)why not take some of those odd bits of yarn and make a handy little bag of your own that will hold everything and never rip? I use a market bag that I knitted up and it works because no matter how much I put in it, it expands to hold more! Good Luck!


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