13 March 2012

Wordless Wednesday

The Lizard attaches a Jelly Yarn snowflake to his Black Pearl.

The Lizard, spring of 2011

The Lizard at Sunrise

The Lizard at Sunrise

If you look closely, you might recognize some of my photos from last year.

Photos from previous years smooshed into a mosaic.


  1. as you know I dig mosaics and lizards. have a great wordless moment or two this Wednesday

  2. Five words:



    (Okay, six words.)

  3. I'm with Mrs. Micawber - how did you do that??? That is so cool!

  4. Nice mosaic pictures. I'm glad you posted the last close-up image so we could see what it was made from. I have seen lots of interesting mosaic artwork where the small elements are as significant as the large image.

  5. Thanks, Stratoz, Sue, Karen, Marigold and catsynth!

    Sue and Marigold, I'll work up a post next week with details about how this is done. It's a pay-for plug-in for PhotoShop, so unfortunately, this one is not free.

  6. THAT´s a lot of work. Or is there a program to handle it? One lable is Special effects so I guess it is. :)

  7. Very nice quilt! Great! Brazilian kisses...


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