14 February 2012

Heart Attack

two times the love

be mine

Mmmmmm Bear

Beary, Beary Busy

Kissy Kissy!

Noro Hearts

heart me


  1. Very nice :). Happy Valentine´s Day.

  2. Your photos are the only Heart Attack worth viewing! Great snaps! Happy Heart Day to you too!

  3. How Sweet!!!!!! I love the little bears!

  4. Teddies and Hearts. Ooh, that rose is so full and pretty. I bet it has a great aroma.

    Happy Valentine's Day,

  5. So many bears! Where are the goats, I ask you? By the way, too late ... the Goatmother ordered the 60D. :) We'll keep our fingers crossed it was the right decision. :)

  6. What a fun post, and the Link Within bar at the bottom was simply pink with valentine-y goodies. Hope you and the Lizard had a wonderful day.

  7. Cute post! Hope your Valentine's Day was super sweet. Happy Monday!


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