29 November 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Man, do I ever have a long way to go.

on guard

last sip of autumn


free as a bird



on the wings of love


  1. Wow. I love the porcupine picture the most. You should make that one a background! All of your photos are so awesome...

  2. These are really super wildlife photos. I can't say that I have ever seen a porcupine in the wild although I'm sure there are some in this area. Nice pics!

  3. So lovely, special moments catching such adorable pieces to life's puzzle, off guard!

  4. Great wildlife shots! Is that a slug in the first one? (It reminded me a bit of the banana slugs here, shape-wise.)

  5. Did you pick up the hitchhiker???

    Wonderful wildlife photos. I especially like the caterpillar with the snowy mountain in the background.

  6. For some reason I can hear John Denver singing "I am the eagle, I live in high places, in rocky cathedrals that cling to the sky...."

    What a glorious set of photos. Each one became my favourite, until I saw the next one. The hawks are stunning. I think I like the ground squirrel and the asters best. (Lavender gets me every time.)

  7. As always your photos are fantastic :)

  8. Do you think the worm ever made it? And Wow! A porky! Cabra has a porky but hers is stuffed. Well, I guess that one is stuffed in a manner of speaking. The Mighty Quinn always steals Cabra's porky, though. I bet nobody steals the one in your picture. :)


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