01 November 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Awesome paint job!


dig that headlamp

hot pink and lime green

peachy keen

a peachy Black Phantom

my fav

My first bike looked like this.

Banana seat!

alien glow

I used to crave this seat size.

Don't get thirsty!


  1. THIS is why I avoid bike shops!

    Covet, covet, covet. I'll take one of everything, please.

    Love that cup holder.

  2. That's what I need - a bike with a cup holder! Dang!

  3. Oh gosh, I love those cool bikes!
    As a Dutch girl, I should have one since I do ride my old bike a lot...

  4. Nice decorations on the bicycles. Some of them make me think of classic cars.

  5. That orange bicycle wheel is so vibrant!

  6. Nice post Snowcatcher! I kind of like the red cruiser deluxe sporting a gas tank and built-in fender light. If one would clothes pin a playing card between the spokes and a seat stay, they'd be set for some motoring.

  7. What cool bikes, and you took such creative photos of them! I need a cupholder for my bike :)

  8. Nice close ups of the bikes.

    I decided it was time for a new hat :)


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