08 November 2011

Trading Red for Red

Rusty Gold

bye bye bye

What do you do when you schedule four consecutive long weekends to shoot autumn color and snow takes out most of the leaves before the end of the second long weekend?


You go to Moab, of course!

Skyline Arch

radiant red

what Moab does best

Shades and Textures of Desert Autumn

Arches National Park in Autumn

Summer's End

red and gold

bringing home a little Moab


  1. Oh, I love those colors!! I just had to Pin the one of the mud and the green leaf!

  2. Amazing to be able to see what you see! Love it.

  3. My favorite pic is the last one.

  4. Your photography is breathtaking, Deb, and makes me want to visit Moab even more than I did before. Just brilliant!

  5. Love them all, but that rusty cluster really grabs me. :)

    I thought of you last night and wished I had my camera to snap this: an SUV parked in front of a bar and grill on our town's main street, with a bumper sticker that read

    "London - Paris - Tokyo - Moab"

    Obviously a popular and important place. (And breathtakingly beautiful too.)

  6. Beautiful Miz Liz! Magical shots from a magical region! I like the mud cracks and leaves; yet, I can smell and feel the rippled sandstone. I also see the Pearl has a moonlighting thingie going on, which I like. Can't wait for our next adventure!

  7. Thank you, everyone!

    Sue, that's no rusty cluster. That's the brand new Black Pearl after two Moab rides. We always bring home a bit of Moab, and this time, it came in the form of dirt on the bikes!

  8. I recognize that last photo. My cassette looks just like that after a desert ride!

    The combo of red rock and yellow leaves is sublime. You shot those photos so creatively. They're an inspiration.

  9. love your solution to the early snow. I was in Moab when I was 13 and 26, but missed 39. Maybe we shall meet there when I am 52 ;')


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