01 November 2011

... and sat down beside her...

morning stretch

You can't see me!



Hairy Dude

I love you this much!


  1. Love that shadow shot. Although I'm not a spider fan, the very tiny ones fascinate me. What very long front legs the hairy dude has.

  2. Great Spiders!!! Spiders are some of the coolest animals. Did you know that they use hydraulic systems to move their legs? Mammals have muscles that pull directly on bones to move them. In contrast, spiders open and close valves with their muscles, letting fluid do the work of moving their legs. So cool!

    You captured their beauty wonderfully. Unfortunately, since K is severely allergic to spider bites, I don't always see their good side anymore. Your photos did the trick!

  3. great photos. last week, a student and my assistant saw a praying mantis capture a honey bee. Those classic bike forms are lovely in your wordless post


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