22 November 2011


once upon a time

I'd worked a full day. I'd attended a meeting that lasted until well after 10 p.m. I was tired. Too exhausted to react.

The Lizard gently leaked news he'd deleted his blog before I got home.

It's not the same kind of grief as accidentally killing a praying mantis, the car being broken into and the stereo, the kids' Gameboys and the first aid kit being stolen, the tree in the front yard being cut down without warning by the homeowners' association, breaking the grow light before even getting it out of the package, an annual balloon festival being permanently cancelled due to lack of sponsorship, a favorite sunflower field being mowed as thistle control...

Yet grief storms in nonetheless. Pure and unabashed grief. Somewhat akin to coming home one night in May (each year) to find The Lizard has shaved his head without letting me know in advance. Because bald is more comfortable for him while wearing a cycling helmet for hours a day.

I don't even have a screenshot of my favorite Lee Zard blog post. (But I do have my favorite photo from his blog... because I snapped the picture!)

The Lizard read what I typed, right over my shoulder, asked me to move, and sat down to type, right in my journal:

"The Lizard lives!!!"

Yes, he does, and for that, I'm grateful.

elk charmer


  1. =( I love the way you express yourself. I don't know your loved one, but I definitely felt your grief. Thank goodness you have the real thing to look at, touch and giggle with...whenever you want to! Be blessed and enjoy every minute of every day! Hugs, Annette

  2. So now he needs to agree that you will do more posts featuring him! :) Great pic.

  3. Nice photo! One of my finer talents, I might add. But then, so far I've had time to travel the globe, watch Pirates of the Caribbean again and get some yard work done. I may blog again down the road, but not for awhile.

  4. I can only say "Rest in peace, Lee Zard." I enjoyed looking at the Lizard's blog. I'm glad to know that, like Frodo, he lives. :)

  5. Well this photo of him looks like he's right in touch with the world...and you know what they say, A mans got to do what a mans got to do right? I hope you don't delete your blog too....sometimes I think (really I know) less FaceBook sometimes but Blogger, it's just good for my soul!...Is it silly, but I enjoy checking in on so many (like your blog for one) bloggers that I don't even know...then reading most stuff on FB....we're a different and fresh up beat breed of people over here, don't you agree!

  6. What a bummer. (Running off to back up my blog now!)

  7. Great pic ... sorry for you coming home to find the deletion ... but please, don't you go away!!!!

  8. glad he is still around if not blogging, Happy Thanksgiving

  9. Reminds me of when my father went up and shaved off his beard before coming down for dinner when I was 6 or 7. I burst into tears.

  10. Dear Elk Charmer.....You will always live as The Lizard.
    No more surprises for Snowcatcher. :)
    3,711 miles! Will the extra miles spill over into 2012?


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