03 November 2011

Hanger On-ers

first snowfall

Trailing Rosemary (I think)


my only poppy of the entire year

whippersnapper and old fogy


burst of sunshine

Will it open before the snow hits???

the last fireweed

hide and seek


  1. Snow already ? Very nice pics.

  2. Wow. It's so cold over here (probably nothing compared to where you are). I'm surprised those flowers are still going, but they are magnificent!!! Thanks for the lovely pictures.

  3. Amazing what survives the snow! Beautiful color!

  4. Such breathtaking photos!!!! You are so talented!

  5. We had our first hard frost last night but a few of my flowers are still going out there...

    So sad and lovely to say goodbye to the flowers every autumn. I especially love the top photo.


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