15 November 2011


My white corn crop was highly successful in New Mexico. In Colorado, my entire 2011 crop is fit for anyone on a diet.

This year's corn crop.

nice try

A meal suitable for the Pioneer Trek.


  1. Hmm, midget corn! At least it's a pretty color! :)

  2. "Rare Colorado white corn. Grown at altitude and picked by hand. A must for any low-carb diet. Quantities limited."

    I think you may have stumbled on to a gold mine, Deb. (Or should we call you Juan Valdez?) You could probably sell it for a ridiculously high price. :)

  3. "Quantities limited"... Sue, I havent laughed so hard in ages!!!

  4. OMG, it happened to you TOO! My husband defiantly attempts corn every summer, in an increasingly shady, poor soil vegetable plot, and gets similar results. There's something to be said for tenacity, I guess. At least now we have chickens to appreciate those crops. :-)

  5. For some reason I saw that ear of corn with a few niblets and thought, huh, that'd probably work well for someone who was missing a lot of teeth.

  6. Man are we on a laughter roll today! Patty, I should have saved what tiny bits I had and sent them to you for the girls! Paige, the image of a mostly toothless corn nibbler is going to be tickling my funny bone all day. And I thank you!

  7. You can put the little cobs in vinegar for a delicious and light salad... Nutritious kisses!

  8. Quality beats quantity :)


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