01 December 2011

Project Blizzard

The days are getting shorter, but only for three more weeks! See, I'm making an honest effort to find the bright side. Nevertheless, it is nearly winter, and this is the time of year I struggle the most to keep a smile on my face, so it's time to jump back into the Project Smile waters.

Project Smile is the brainchild of Alicia, who came up with the idea last year of capturing the things that make us smile and sharing them, thereby spreading smiles. Kristi at Live and Love Out Loud took over hosting the link party after winter, but I'm honestly not sure either of them are continuing with the smile sharing. At Ms. Micawber's suggestion, I've linked to a similarly cheery theme: Reasons to be cheerful..

no rest for the weary
Yes, our first big snow of the season made me smile.

It's almost Christmas Cactus season!!!
My Christmas cacti know just the perfect medicine for winter doldums.

last tomato of 2011
My final beefsteak tomato of the year reached a whole inch in height after I brought the pot inside. In August. The day before our first snow of the season.

last flowers of summer

This is one of a handful of flowers I planted from seed back in April. All summer long, all they did was leaf. I brought them inside in September, after our first and second snows, and in November, they finally sprang to life!

things I love
I love sunrises. I love sunsets. I love vibrant colors. And I love snowflakes.

Sometimes, this is the best kind of snow.
Sometimes, this is the best kind of snow.

Blue Ice
Quite possibly the most beautiful thread I've ever used for snowflakes.

berry thread
One November day, I accidentally spilled juice from my Friday morning berries onto my favorite white turtleneck. Of course. If it had been a black turtleneck, I would not have spilled. My friends said I should spill more juice on the rest of the turtleneck, so the whole thing matches. That inspired this.

ready to crochet
If I washed this, that gorgeous berry hue would go right down the drain! But try, try, try, and I never did get the stain out of the turtleneck.

berry love
This is what the stained thread became.

owie fun
The Lizard attached a tri bottle holder to my bike for Pikes Peak. Sometimes, I don't quite clear it when I dismount, and it makes owies. This owie looked uglier than it felt, and the characteristics were just too tempting not to poke fun.

sky ablaze
I was supposed to have my car in the shop for the scheduled oil change at 6:30 a.m. This made me late. Ask me if I minded the extra wait to pick my car up at the end of the day.


  1. Your smiles made me smile! Thanks!
    Your snowflakes always make me smile, too.
    Thank you for sharing them!

  2. You're making me smile too! The turtleneck and the yarn... a smile!

    In case it helps you with the daylight thing, sun set has already started getting later! Yes, it's true - that's what the sunrise/sunset tables show. Sunrise will only get about 15 minutes worse before it turns the corner. I watch the tables at this time of year to convince myself that more light is just around the corner!

  3. Yes, little things make me smile, too, when it´s dark and cold. Sometimes :).

  4. Great smile-makers all. I've recently joined a link party called "Reasons to be Cheerful" - it's been great fun participating and also a very good way to think positive. (I know all the ladies would love to see your photos - if you'd like to join in go to http://planetpenny.co.uk/2011/11/30/reasons-to-be-cheerful-week-7/ and link up at the bottom of the page.)

    I've really noticed this year that if I don't see the sun for a few days I get VERY gloomy. Thanks for the reminder about the imminence of lengthening days!

    I love sunrises and sunsets too. And your berry-tinted snowflake necklace, and your autumn-coloured snowflake adorning a rock, and your flower (I have a geranium that did the exact same thing). Life is full of small beauties as well as large ones. Keep noticing them and smiling! And thank you for sharing so much beauty with us.

  5. Oh yes, this did make me smile...but the best words were knowing that in a few weeks yes the days will slowly, actually really slow they will begin leaving us with a bit more light in our day!...and I wonder if I could some how grab that most delicious looking tomato!!!!!

  6. I love project smile! It makes me smile too! Your pictures are always great. Thank you! Kisses...

  7. I have my eye on that wonderful turning point in December too, Deb. Let the countdown begin!

  8. You have some seriously beautiful phots, and I love the fact that we are all finding ways of looking on the bright side of life!
    Thanks for visiting Planet Penny x

  9. Wow, blown away by your sunrise pic....totally gorgeous, I did a painting of a similar sky that we had a few years ago and I reckon most people thought I made it up....but there it is the same in your pic.

    Your photos are lovely, and the snowflakes beautiful, they are so pretty in colour when most do them in White.

    Have a lovely colourful end of week, thanks for the smiles!

  10. I like the beautiful snowflake swingin in the widn against the sunset. :)

    I don´t like the snow. I had enough of it the last two winters.

  11. Your snowflakes are just beautiful! And I love the berry stained thread too. Snow in August? Oy. Way too early for me. :)

  12. Hi! Yes, we have mountain goats up in the Olympic Mountains, but I don't claim them as relatives. Much, much too grouchy. :)

  13. Have you thought of making a snowflake Christmas tree skirt? That would be fun! Would it be one big snowflake or several smaller flakes? Would it be made out of a variegated 4-ply, a white chunky from Bernat? Or maybe color your own like you have with some of your smaller projects.

  14. wonderful! keep smiling and so kind of you to spread smiles


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