06 December 2011

Ghosts of November Past

The best sunrises and sunsets always seem to happen in the eleventh month.

Colorado National Monument Highpoint

final bicycle commute of November

Tree of Life

Grand Junction

The Grand Valley

the end of autumn

the final sunset of November


  1. Absolutely breathtaking!! What stunning color!

  2. Wowww!!!! those are the most amazing pics! Most of them look like the sky is on fire. Makes you understand some of the folklore that arose about sky gods

  3. Dang. Too awesome. I love your photos, especially sunrise/sunset ones!

  4. I could get lost in these photos. Completely. Utterly. Profoundly. LOST.

    When I think about it, do I really need to be found? Nope. Think I'll just stay right here, hang out and breathe these in.

  5. Those are just awesome! Some of them look like they were painted.

  6. wow, lots of drama in those skies. :) Gorgeosu shots.

  7. All, all are breathtaking, but #2 is my absolute favourite. It looks like a bit of heaven.

    How much time do you add to your commutes to allow for photography? :)

  8. Thank you, everyone! We had a dramatic November, as far as the sky was concerned!

    Sue, it takes me two hours to ride to work when I have daylight and two and a half hours to ride home. In the dark, it takes longer, and I do try to give myself an extra half hour just in case. Because I can't tell when I leave my home in the dark if the sky is going to turn explosive red!!! And I don't want to miss it if it does!

  9. It's amazing to see what photos you've made by being out at the magical hours. You show me that Mother Nature provides the material for the most spectacular art!

    Isn't it funny how hard it is to predict whether a sunrise or sunset will be amazing or not, until just before it. It really motivates me to "be there", just in case! I can tell that you feel the same way.

    I especially love the one that looks like a flower hanging down from above, backlit by an amazing sky.


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