16 December 2011

Friday Funny


  1. LOL!
    Catnip, you think?
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Okay, inquiring minds want to know. Why, oh why, did he pee on it? Oy. That's much worse than when Ella gets her spit all over the Peanuts and then no one else will touch them.

  3. Purr, purr.....purr this is perfect! Thanks!

  4. What did they put in or on those things? (And what's the red popsicle made out of? Better not ask.)

    Cats are cats no matter their size. I'd love that black panther for a pet. He's just a bigger version of our favourite cat who died years ago. So sleek and beautiful.

    Thanks for the fun video.

  5. TOO FUNNY!!! Where do you find these?!?!


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