15 November 2011

Wordless Wednesday

South Mineral Creek beaver pond

Red Mountain Pass should be named Golden Mountain Pass

everywhere gold

Kenosha Pass

Maroon Bells and Maroon Lake

Little Molas Lake

West Beckwith

Dawson Creek

Mount Sneffels from near Blue Lakes Trailhead


  1. I love reflection photos, and these are absolutely AMAZING. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  2. ♥♥♥♥♥♥, I love the first photo..

  3. My favorite is all of them. Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. These are incredible shots, almost like paintings the water is so still. The 5th from the top is my favourite, beautiful

  5. Wow! I'm lost for words. The colors, the light and the reflections. Amazing shots :)

  6. Wow, those colors are amazing! (Of course, I now see that everyone else used the same adjective.) I particularly like the bands of colors in the first image.

  7. Your capturing of reflections is fabulous!

  8. May I say in a word, "Wonderstruck!"

  9. Satisfied sigh.

    Maroon Lake - can such beauty be real? Words are not enough.

    Thanks Deb!

  10. Reflections on/of autumn. You found some incredible views to capture, and you framed them just perfectly. The last one with the snowy mountains and the yellow leaves was a wonderful ending.

  11. Stunning reflections in these landscapes. WOW!

  12. I have been designing a stained glass piece from a photo this week, the fifth photo down really caught my attention

  13. Absolutely beautiful views!!! Love them all!!!

  14. Awesome photos, and it rocks living here in CO!!!


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