15 October 2020

Short(s) on Time

A couple of quilts need to be finished, and one needs to get in the mail as soon as possible, but for a few hours, it was time to make something for me.

For about three years now, I've wanted to finish some new shorts for summer. I even had a few pairs cut out and ready to sew. They take less than half an hour per pair! Something always gets in the way.

I'm a little late for summer this year, but I finally finished all but one pair of shorts that were already cut out and then made two more pairs from scraps! I couldn't finish the last pair of already cut-out Hawaiian shorts because, alas, I ran out of waistband elastic, darn it.

The shorts that were ready to sew are from fabric I bought in Hawaii in 2004. I bought about 20 different fabrics I intended to make into dresses. I think I've actually used three for dresses. I made three or four pairs of shorts and one pair of (slightly too narrow, but not intentionally) house pants to (so far unsuccessfully) encourage weight loss. The rest of the tropical stash has been languishing in my stash all these years. Now my tastes have changed, and I wouldn't wear a dress from most of these fabrics!!!

But shorts?!? Shorts can be fun from just about any fabric!

I even made a pair of shorts using the remnants of two dresses that went into the scrap pile a couple of years ago because they'd worn thin in a few places. One was my hexie dress.

We're getting overnight freezes now, but the mercury was still soaring into the 80s during the day until today. Now I may not get to wear my newest and favorite pair of shorts until next year. But I'm excited to have a favorite pair of shorts! This pair took quite a bit longer than half an hour!!!

I thought it would be fun to craft a pair of shorts from the leftover strips I cut myself for Turtle Sherbet. After I got started piecing, I realized I wouldn't have enough for all four shorts segments. So I threw in some leftover black strips I cut myself for Little Boy Blue Batiks. I still didn't have enough strips, so I made one of the back panels solid black. Because that's the fabric I had enough of to finish the shorts and the pockets.

Oh, my gosh!!! How neat these shorts turned out! I cannot wait to wear them! It MIGHT be warm eough for shorts on Saturday... Maybe I'll wear them and just not go outside if it's too cold. Ha ha ha!

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  1. Very nice! :-) You are ready for summer! All the best. Regula

    1. Thank you, Regula! We may still have summer-like weather for a while. Just cold at nights...

  2. Sure some colorful shorts indeed. Probably still warm enough in Hawaii to wear them. True, can be any color and away you go.

    1. You know me, Pat. Awash in color, all the time! My neighbors had planned to go to Hawaii next year to celebrate their 40th anniversary. But now they don't dare. It's so sad what so many people are missing, but so heroic of people willing to make sacrifices to protect their loved ones.

  3. LOVE it!! You are ready for NEXT summer! :o))

  4. Just the thing for those hot summer days.

  5. what great shorts!! heck turn the heater up and wear them!!!

  6. Those are great! They look super comfy too. Enjoy wearing them whenever that happens!


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