02 October 2020

Friday Funny

I'm hesitant to call this humor because people obviously fall for this scam... I've found warnings about it all over the internet. But I had fun altering the scam a bit in Photoshop to suit my purposes. I typically save stupid stuff like this to one day create a Christmas tree with decorations representing every scam and too-good-to-be-true offer I've ever received in the mail. This one might be too big to hang on the tree, so I'm hanging it on my blog.

What really gets under my skin is some business in my local area paid big bucks to sucker punch potential customers in my area. In this day and age. When people are already struggling. If I had a phone number and email address I don't mind opening up to the plethora of scams that would follow, I'd call this number just to find out what business is this stupid, and then I'd broadcast loud and clear as far as I could to let others know this is the type of thing we need to boycott.

Treat others kindly. Don't try to scam anyone. And have fun finding the humor in my Photoshop efforts.

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