27 October 2020

If at First You Don't Succeed

About a foot of snow fell at our place Sunday and Monday. We need more in the mountains to end the wildfire season, and the 10-day forecast with a warming trend doesn't include any moisture.

As always, I wanted to shoot snowflakes. My good camera has been tied up since about May or so shooting time lapse sequences. My Christmas cactus started erupting with blossoms about two weeks ago. I watched a couple of individual flowers to see how long they take (because I knew snow might be coming), and the red ones open in just a day. After shooting a couple of the red flowers, I stuck a peach/salmon blossom in front of the camera and let the camera rip again. This one took THREE days to open! The flower moved all over the place, too, so it might not even be that great a time lapse, once I get a chance to work on it. I had to move the flower back into the camera's viewfinder every few hours!

When the snow finally started falling, the flakes were gigantic and puffy.

I tried shooting snowflakes with the phone. What a joke!

I didn't even try the point-and-shoot camera. It's macro function can be pretty worthless.

I could not resist. The Christmas cactus was taking so long, and the snow would be done soon. I thought an hour without the good camera on the flower wouldn't make much of a difference. (I don't know yet whether the time lapse will work with me removing the camera, even though I tried very hard to put it back in the very same position each time I stole it.)

As soon as I began shooting snowflakes, the snow stopped. I can't even count how many times that has happened. We really need the snow, so I put the camera back.

The snow began falling again, and after about a couple of hours, the flakes were big and fluffy again. So I tried again, with the same result.

Third time's a charm. It was SO cold! My fingers were frozen in less than half an hour. Yes, I was wearing gloves. And a warm, fuzzy hat. Didn't matter. I am not used to the cold now, after so many months of heat and very little outdoors to boot. So I shot for as long as I could stand it, then put the camera back. The Christmas cactus opened while I slept Sunday night. I downloaded the camera yesterday during my lunch hour, then edited snowflake photos last night. I have not had a chance to create the time lapse yet, but it's probably better to wait until after Halloween to share Christmas cactus, right?

The snowflakes I captured are not my best, but there's some good crochet inspiration in there, and I never really meet snowflakes I don't like, even if they are not in perfect focus. Even if my fingers are frozen.

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  1. Perfect or not, your snowflake photos are always magical and inspiring! These are lovely.


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