22 October 2020

Stairway to Deaden

This gave me a GREAT idea for our ugly stairway.

Our house is a fixer upper. The carpeted basement stairway came with some less-desirable odors and stains. We pulled up and disposed of the carpet. We treated the stains and odors years ago. The stairway longs to be finished. (And my little neighbor always asks, every time she comes over, "When are you going to finish your stairway???") Too many other higher priority fixes waiting in the wind. Literally.

Including the flagstone stairway I recently built in the backyard as a very small part of a project to prevent the basement window well from flooding...

Now that part of the backyard is done, perhaps I can begin spending time on things that need to be fixed inside the house...

However, I still look for ideas every now and then, and I've found some really cute ones!

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The classic rainbow or a modified rainbow.

Just can't get enough of the rainbows!

Motion detection lights.

Simple instructions.

I've even wondered how difficult it would be to build each stair into an actual book cove, not just photos of books pasted onto the stairs.

Such a bookworm.

This would be me if I tried painting the stairs...

Not my bag of tea, but I know some kids who would love this.

Can't do this, but oh, how I love it!

Imagine this in crochet!

This could be inspirational, too!

With lavender bouquets drying on the rail!


  1. Your stairway doesn't look too bad. Better than with a carpet anyway. I'm very happy that we soon (end of November) get a new stairway in the house (old stinky carpet out). All the best! Regula

  2. The outside one sure looks great indeed. I wouldn't be against lego stairs lol I saw a pic of one with a slide beside it, that is what I'd go for. The bookcase ones are nice too.

  3. You know I'm voting for something crochet!


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