05 October 2020

Snowflake Monday

Oh, how I did not want to make a snowflake for today!

My train commute was my crochet time. I do not miss being on the train right now. But I miss my crochet time.

Now that fourth quarter has officially begun, I'm finding more and more difficult to squeeze in crochet time – or any free time, for that matter. I thought I wouldn't have to water the garden anymore this year after our August snowstorm, but the in-the-ground tomato plant, the lavender and my first-ever glads are still going, so I'm not stopping. However, it's too cold in the morning (low 40s, high 30s overnight and 80s during the day) to water before I begin working; I worry the cold water will further shock the surviving plants. So I water during my lunch hour. If I get one.

Lizard is making tiny improvements each day, but he's still not independent yet, so what may have perhaps been commute time since March and became watering time is now meal preparation time or clean-up time or laundry time or… you get the picture.

I'm not complaining. I'm just having difficulty organizing a new routine that includes everything I want to do balanced with what I need to do. I'm so thankful I am able to work from home. But I'm still finding myself wishing each day had another hour or four!

I designed today's snowflake back in 2012 and didn't think it was worth publishing so set it aside all these years. The pattern is easy enough, I can make a couple of minor modifications and whip up a sample to test the pattern before Lizard wakes.

You may do whatever you'd like with snowflakes you make from this pattern, but you may not sell or republish the pattern. Thanks, and enjoy!

Finished Size: 2.5 inches from point to point Materials: Size 10 crochet thread, size 7 crochet hook, empty pizza box, wax paper or plastic wrap, cellophane tape, water soluble school glue or desired stiffener, water, glitter, small container for glue/water mixture, paintbrush, stick pins that won't be used later for sewing, clear thread or fishing line

Reluctant Snowflake Instructions

Make magic ring.

Round 1: Ch 7 (counts as 1 tr and ch 4), 1 sc in ring, ch 4, [1 tr in ring, ch 4, 1 sc in ring, ch 4] 5 times; sl st in 3rd ch of starting ch 7; do not pull magic ring too tight. If you're not reading this pattern on Snowcatcher, you're not reading the designer's blog. Please go here to see the original.

Round 2: [3 sc in each of next 2 ch 3 sp, ch 6, 1 sc in 6th ch from hook] 6 times; sl st in starting sc; bind off. Weave in ends.

Finish: Tape wax paper or plastic wrap to top of empty pizza box. Pin snowflake to box on top of wax paper or plastic wrap.

If using glue, mix a few drops of water with a teaspoon of glue in small washable container. Paint snowflake with glue mixture or desired stiffener. Sprinkle lightly with glitter. Wash paintbrush and container thoroughly. Allow snowflake to dry at least 24 hours. Remove pins. Gently peel snowflake from wax paper or plastic wrap. Attach 10-inch clear thread to one spoke, weaving in end. Wrap fishing line around tree branch (or tape to ceiling or any overhead surface) and watch the snowflake twirl freely whenever you walk by! Snowflake also may be taped to window or tied to doorknob or cabinet handle.


  1. Tomorrow, I'm crocheting this snowflake. Tonight I am too tired after a day spent with my two grandchildern. I'm exhausted. How did I manage with four? All the time?

    1. I envy you for having them full-time, Regula! But yes, that can take all your energy!

  2. Stay strong. If we miss a snowflake Monday, it's not a life threatening incident. I am more worried for you then the snowflake. Keep your head up. Lots of prayers and love to you and your family.

    1. Thank you, Leona. It’s people like you who make me want to keep going when things get rough!

  3. You have tomatoes!!! That is a Good Thing, even if the watering schedule is hard to pin down.

    Praying for you both, every day. I'm glad to hear that Lizard is improving. May God give you grace and strength to do what needs to be done, and wisdom to know what can be left to another day. Hugs to you.

    1. Thank you, Sue! I know the prayers are working! I can see answers to prayers every single day! And fresh home-grown tomatoes are like an answer to prayer... ;)

  4. Keeping you both in my prayers. Happy to hear Lizard is improving, even if it's slow, that's progress! Appreciate the new snowflake pattern, but as has been said "you and Lizard come first". Don't worry about missing a Monday snowflake. You have given us plenty to keep busy crocheting and we came always remake our favorites and share with our neighbors! Take care of yourself too!

    1. Thank you, Jan. My heart is so full from the warm responses I’ve been receiving!


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