20 October 2020


I did not expect to see the changing of the leaves this year outside of my backyard. Lizard's health situation (and what that blasted virus has done to the world this year) has kept me mostly at home the greater part of the last 10 months. No complaints, other than wishing Lizard didn't have to suffer so much. (He's very slowly improving!)

The autumn colors in my own backyard are not all that bad.

smoky skies

I started an Autumn 2020 gallery in September on my photo website hoping I could find enough color spectrum in my own backyard to fill it, even if only a handful of photos. By October, I was seeing some of the most spectacular color! And not just in the leaves! Our warm temperatures prolonged the beauty of my flowers.

Last week, Lizard was itching to get out of the house for a short walk. We'd been walking in the neighborhood, and I'd even been able to snap a few leaf photos without really leaving home. And without burning a drop of gasoline!

Last weekend, Lizard was ready to venture just a tiny bit further. We drove to a favorite state park, but it was already at capacity, and the wait to get in was longer than Lizard can spend in a car right now. So we went to the trail closest to that state park, which turned out to be closed for hunting season. By now Lizard was growing very restless in the car, and he needed to get out to wiggle his legs. I drove to the next closest state park, where we had biked and hiked a secluded trail not many people know about last April. This park wasn't too full, and we were passed by only two other people on our secluded trail. Lizard walked nearly half a mile! What a treat!

Walking short distances very, very slowly is helping me see things I might have otherwise overlooked.

The next day, we tried the first state park again, this time, this time right after it opened. We got in! It got too crowded for comfort within about an hour, but Lizard was able to slowly walk a bit again, and we both thoroughly enjoyed the magic of autumn!


  1. You have an eye. :-) Lovely photographs. All the best to you! Regula

  2. These are ABSOLUTLEY gorgeous - those leaves with the purples in them - wow!! I think we could all learn a little from walking slower and observing more... great lesson

  3. Tears in my eyes at the photo of Lizard walking - go Lizard! I'm so glad you were both able to get out and enjoy the beauty of autumn, both in your neighborhood and at the parks.

    That one leaf looks like stained glass. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos. Hugs to you both.


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