27 September 2011


Banged Up

My dad recently underwent surgery, and test results came back last week. No chemo! Prayers of gratitude.

Heal quickly, Dad.

Get Well Soon


  1. Good news about your dad. You guys come from tough roots. Ride on.

  2. Oh hooray...for you all...it's time to celebrate...and every day we have on this lovely earth is just another day in heaven someone told me....even the bad days....or the ones you think are bad...like you reach for the laundry soap and of course SOMEBODY forgot to close the lid and it drops, right behind your washer and it's not a pretty ending....still, it's all about atitude isn't it! Yeah for your dad! ;)

  3. I'm so glad for your dad's good news. What a relief from anxiety for you all.

  4. Very, very glad to hear good news on your Dad. What a huge relief.

  5. So glad your dad doesn't have to have chemo!

  6. I am so glad to hear your good news!

    The bighorn sheep with "feeling banged up?" is perfect.


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