23 September 2011

Friday Fun

If you are unable to view my lightning movie above, try this link.


  1. I love it! You captured some really gorgeous shots. I tried and tried this summer but haven't been successful yet... Do you have any tricks to share? I assumed that I should use a very long shutter time (so my shutter would be open when the lightning came) and a small aperture (so the picture wouldn't turn out too bright with the shutter open for so long). Do you have suggestions to do it better?

  2. Wow - how do you do it? I'm beginning to think you must have a camera permanently attached to you. Amazing shots.

    Okay, crazy thought coming up: doesn't lightning look just like varicose veins? (Or vice versa.) Just saying.

  3. WOW! Did you do this yourself?? So impressive. WOW!


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