20 September 2011

Wordless Wednesday


gold at the foot of the rainbow

a rainbow of autumn leaves

Go for the red!

beyond gold

best of the final weekend of summer

red treasure

red layers

crystal crimson


  1. a rainbow heralding in fall? I love the red aspen (?) leaves, but I am not ready at all for these cold temps already, brrrr! Faythe @GMT

  2. Magnificent! Takes my breath away.

  3. Beautiful, love rainbows, they just always make me smile even when I'm drenched wet looking up at them. Do the leaves usually turn this early for you?

  4. You have certainly proven we don't need words with visions like these! The gently touch of autumn squeezing its way in is priceless!

  5. Thank you, Faythe, Gloria, Neferi, Niahm, Karen and Pedaling!

    Niahm, Kenosha Pass is always the first in the state to peak, and last year that was September 18. This year, it's running about a week late. Leaves in the metro Denver area have already started, though, so this autumn could be a very unusual one. Difficult to forecast! The leaves turn when they are darned good and ready, and they don't care what the weatherman says!

  6. I posted a rainbow today too, but yours has such incredible smoothness of color transition and that awesome diagonal.

  7. I like the combination of the rainbow and the colors of the leaves.

    The last photo with the water droplets is spectacular!

  8. Wonderful shots all, but that last one - wow! What a perfect arrangement of droplets.

  9. A beautiful rainbow, autumn colors - what more could you want? Well, I guess that you could wish for a perfect heart shaped red aspen leaf with droplets covering it. Perfection.

  10. I love fall. We don't get any of that here in Southern Arizona. I miss it. Thank you for sharing your fall with me.


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