13 September 2011

Another 3,000-mile Smile

3,000-mile smile

In the bag! Four months earlier than last year!

This magnificent milestone also commemorates my renewed Pikes Peak goal. On Labor Day, I received an email from the Assault on the Peak director announcing, yes, there will be another chance in 2012.

I had half-heartedly committed to next year's ride, provided it is offered, when Titanium said she'd like to climb a peak with me while The Lizard runs laps around us. When I learned with three weeks to go the ride was shortened by an hour, my heart sank. How could I expect others to join me when I wasn't even sure I could do it myself? When I came up five minutes short (by my cyclocomputer, but only three minutes short when the official results were posted) at the Glen Cove cutoff on this year's attempt, I didn't know if I wanted to try again. It's just too hard, I thought. I'm just not strong enough.

But I die hard. In every aspect of life. The ride director might as well have thrown a gauntlet at my feet. This year, I thought I needed to be 15 minutes faster. Next year, I have to be an hour faster than I was this year.

I don't know if it's doable, but I'm going to give it my best shot. My targeted training for next year began the day after Labor Day. I climbed the stairs (60 flights) the next day for the first time since about March, and I did them non-stop. That's the first time I've ever been able to do the stairs non-stop after a three-week or longer break. My goal is Pikes Peak, but my lifetime ambition is to not lose what I've built up since February. My lifetime goal is to keep fighting the diabetic tendencies and genes for as long as I can. My lifetime goal is to combat the arthritis with everything I've got.

PS: The date for next year's ride has not been announced. This year, it conflicted with the final stage of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. The road up Pikes Peak will be completely paved next year. Wouldn't it be awesome if the Assault on the Peak incorporates a pro race during the 2012 USA Pro Cycling Challenge (which really, really, really needs to be called the Tour of Colorado!!!), and we citizens get to ride the mountain the same day as the pros, just like the Mount Evans Hillclimb?!? You big guys think you can climb big mountains??? We've got a big mountain for you!!

I think I'll be playin' that Aerosmith oldie but goody now. "Dream on, dream on, dream on, dream on!"


  1. Congratulations! Great 3000-mile Smile!! Spring kisses...

  2. A very good song to play. Cool picture :)
    Congrats to reaching your milestone.

  3. You've picked up the gauntlet and managed to toss it in my direction (in spite of myself, I think I caught it).

    Well, my friend, it seems we have a date with The Peak. I've a sneaky suspicion this will hurt me far worse than it will hurt you :)

    Guess I better get crackin'.

  4. Congrats! So admirable - your tenacity!

  5. Your spirit is so resilient and inspirational! Your goals are admirable - because being active is the best way to fight those genes. It's how I fight my bad spine genes... so we're in this together!

    I LOVE the "3000" photo! I hoped that you had one!

    I couldn't agree more about the "Tour of Colorado" name.

  6. Congratulations on your 3000 milestone! I like the picture/graphic for it.

  7. cool to use the wheels as 00. Congrats, I know you worked hard for it.

  8. Completely amazing! You are so inspiring. Happy to see you at Tangled Happy again. Wishing you a happy Wednesday. :)

  9. You are strong enough. No question about it.

    Tour of Colorado sounds MUCH better than that other mouthful of words.

    I didn't know arthritis was a problem for you as well. Keep up with what you're doing and you will beat it.

    Congrats again on your amazing mileage!


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