08 September 2011

I hate grasshoppers


Write it on the blackboard 100 times. Then go and stomp on a bunch.





grasshopper dinner


hide and seek


grasshopper's favorite meal


  1. Yep! I agree and they are everywhere right now. I even found a dead one in the middle of the driveway that was so boiled to death by the sun? or for how ever, but at first as I scooped him up I thought I found some amazing odd creature....but no just a grasshopper..... hop hop hop he will no more! ;) I did lay him to rest in one of my gardens, perhaps the live ones will hop elsewhere?!

  2. Ah, the sadness of perfection ruined. =[ I really like the second to last one, with the sneaky grasshopper peeking out at you. "Nooo, I'm not doing anything wrong..." -CHOMP-

  3. Buy some praying mantis casts (next spring) your grass hoppers will be a lot less than this year. 24 years ago, you couldn't take a step without dozens of happers fleeing out in front of you. Then came the praying mantis casts (and their baby praying mantis) and now it is unusual to see even one.

  4. You still have beautiful Sunflowers despite your voracious eaters.

    I'm sorry, but as a pacifist who even gently escorts spiders outside, I cannot stomp on grasshoppers. In fact, I even swerve on my mountain bike to avoid squishing them. I can't change my ways, not even for you, Snowcatcher.

    Lovely photos. They remind of the TdF!

  5. Ha! Fab photos! When I saw your title on my blogroll I had to race over and say I hate 'em, too. And, I will confess squishing them gives me great pleasure...

  6. simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  7. All I can think of is "Little House on Plum Creek". Every time I re-read it I hope that this time the grasshoppers won't eat everything. Every time they do. Horrifying.

    As another of the escort-the-spider-outside bunch, I too would have a hard time stomping on them.

    But I fully understand your desire to do so!

  8. grasshoppers are too much of a challenge, but Colorado Potato Beetles destroying a bed of eggplant... they may die


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