22 September 2011

Snowflake Stories

My snowflakes mature and build muscle in snowflake dormitories.

Dorm roommates.


Sometimes, I can't get new snowflakes to lie flat. Sometimes, it's because I can't count.

Everyone who makes a small bear compares it to a dime.

After I finished this size 20 thread project two years ago, I swore never again. TOO HARD!!!

tiny crochet hooks

But then I made snowflakes with even smaller thread, and I couldn't stop myself from ordering the tiniest hooks made.

reading glasses

Which necessitated another purchase.

Pikes Peak Snowflakes

one pattern, two sizes

I must be crazy.

made from the same thread I used to topstitch my batik dress

Color crazy, that is.

Two Tiny


  1. The color combination of the last one is stunning! Of course, I tend to think that about pretty much all of your snowflakes :)

  2. Have I mentioned lately how amazing your snowflakes are? VERY! ..and is that really as small as a dime????? Oh my! ;)

  3. I tried crocheting a doily using three strands of sewing thread held together once. Once was enough! It would have been beautiful but I couldn't keep the threads from tangling.:-( I would love to make a small bear but I agree with you about being too small and hard! Maybe one day...

  4. But what a divine madness...

    That's a lot of pizza boxes!

  5. The thread snowflake is stunning...stunningly teeny tiny!!!!
    You don't REALLY need the 2.5 reading glasses?...do you?
    The dime. Those tiny hooks that you discover are very sharp....and then you ride your bike further than your goal of 3,000! Do you feel as amazing and accomplished as I feel you are? :)

  6. Don't worry! We all are crazy sometimes. Quilting thread...? Ui! But the colors are really amazing!! Hehehehehe... Crazy kisses!:)

  7. Those are amazing, I'm always so impressed and in awe of your skills.


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