07 June 2011


Cottonwood Pass, 2003
The stages of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge (aka Tour of Colorado) have been announced!

They're doing TWO 12,000-foot stages in ONE day. !!!

I did DIRT ROAD Cottonwood Pass on my first Ride the Rockies. I try to do Independence Pass before it opens to traffic every spring.

I've never done both passes in a day and confess it would take a lot more than I could ever muster to be able to RACE this Queen Stage!

Cottonwood Pass, 2003


  1. That dirt must be pretty smooth. Those don't look like mountain bikes! How do you guys do it? I get short of breath just thinking about it. And do you descend the dirt road as well as climb it? I feel terrified and out of control descending a PAVED road.

    Look at the poor abandoned bike in the lower right corner of the second picture. Where is its owner?

  2. Oh, my, that's about the best comment ever!!!

    Cottonwood Pass is paved on the other side, so you do dirt only on the way up. The poor abanonded MOUNTAIN BIKE with knobby tires is mine! I laid it down to take pictures. (And breathe...) All the skinny tires passing made comments such as, "You'd sure be kicking my butt if you were on a road bike!"

    I have a road bike now, and I still can't kick butt!

  3. I did think of that after leaving the comment - that it might be yours. :)

    I'll never kick butt either. But that's okay. It takes the pressure off and lets me just enjoy the ride.

  4. I have seen a few bikers out around my area. It has been so hot so fast I feel sorry for them. we usually have a race around the end of June beginning of July that circles around the different roads & past my house. hills, flat & curves... I do not have air in me to even consider , LOL! & no bike ;) DH has taken some very colorful pics of them rounding our corner.

  5. You are so awesome to even attempt this. Wow I'm totally impressed!:)


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