14 June 2011

Vail Pass, the Sequel

wishful thinking
Last year on my first attempt riding up Vail Pass, my attitude failed.

Not this year!

The Lizard climbed the Pass twice while I did it once. I will never be as strong and fast as him, but I'm stronger this year than I was last year.

And I can make it up Pikes Peak in August. I know I can, I know I can, I know I can...

Bike Path Iceberg


  1. Oooh you're a CYCLIST! I was brought up on a bike, raced in my teens and 30s, went off it and went hill walking, back to it again but not now so fit as I've got a bit older and don't do the distances.

    Lovely to see someone on a blog who cycles and I'm looking forward to reading through it as I've only just found it. I knit and crochet a bit too. Good luck for your cycling goals.

  2. You can do it! :) You are so courageous.

  3. Keep pedalling and keep your chin up! Looking forward to reading all about your successful climb here.

  4. Fantastic!! How wonderful that you were able to do this year what you couldn't last. YOU GO GIRL!!!

  5. Way to Go Girl!!!

    Love that second photo!


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