24 June 2011

Climbing for MS

I'll be climbing for MS this weekend, but not a mountain peak. I'll be ascending Horsetooth Reservoir twice while pedaling 150 miles during this year's BikeMS. My ride is nothing close to climbing a mountain peak, but the cause is every bit as tall as all the mountains I've climbed combined. And for riders who have MS, Horsetooth Reservoir will feel every bit as tall as a giant mountain.

Meanwhile, Lori Schneider, the first person with MS to summit Mount Everest and complete the Seven Summits, will climb Kilimanjaro for the second time, along with her 79 year old father, Neal Schneider. Hosting a climb that brings together 11 people with MS and 4 people with Parkinson's Disease, Lori will take to the slopes again on July 10.

Make sure to check out this video featuring music by U2 after you watch Lori. But be prepared: it will leave tears in your eyes.


  1. Deb - I'm having trouble getting the video to play. Don't know if it's my computer or the video. It just locks everything up.

    1000 miles in June - yowza! That's fantastic!

  2. Thanks for the head's-up, Sue. I've repasted the link, and it looks like it's working, but I'm on slow dial-up, so I can't actually watch the movie to make sure. I really hope this works. The video is SO good...


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