25 June 2011

Starting Line

Up at 3, in the car half an hour later, ninth car in the lot, The Lizard put on Black Sabbath to wake up. (He told me to write that.) (I'd prefer David Garrett.)

Team Great West will be first out the gate just before 6. I'll be at the lunch stop by about 10. I'll get to go to sleep early tonight, and then we'll do this again tomorrow morning.

And yes, I was pinning Monday's snowflake at 11 last night...


  1. glad we could support you on this day. Those biking to work photos from earlier this week are amazing.

  2. Ooh, that's a really pretty heart snowflake! Hope you have fun today; my friends are doing a race today too. =]

  3. Great snowflake! And loved the tandem picture. Brings back memories. On to your next posts!

  4. And the fun began!

  5. I wish I could have been there cheering you guys on....and cooking for you all along the way!
    The snowflake is so beautiful...I love crocheting the heart part! Well, I love crocheting the whole thing.. :)


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