21 June 2011

My Commute

Here are a few sights I've seen while pedaling to and from work along the South Platte bike path over the years:

Big Mama
hungry squirrel
lucky shot (great blue heron with breakfast)
male and female Hooded Mergansers
Muskrat Susie
Is this wild?!?
black crowned night heron
black wing of the family
in synch
busy beaver
Sunset Bills (cormorants)
the gloved one
Bite me!
sunrise robin
Li'l Stinkers
This is why I love riding to work! Well, except for when I encounter a skunk or two...


  1. Wonderful shots, I LOVE the skunks :)

  2. That's a lot of nature to capture from a bike! Great pictures. My favorite is the frog.

  3. Awesome pictures!! Have you identified all of them?

  4. Thank you! Pentalia, yes, all have been identified, and IDs should be available in the mouseovers...

  5. WOW! I think I'd ride this route over and over again if I could see and capture all that you do!!! Terrific series of images!!

  6. Wow - all amazing shots! The blue heron ... the paranoid frog ... the anxious squirrel (well, his paws are clenched so he might be feeling anxious - maybe he's counting calories) ... the goose-stepping little birds ... the rubber-necking birds on the water ... and I guess even snakes have a love life. The skunks are just adorable, at least when viewed from the safety of the computer.

    Just discovered the mouse-over. Will have to learn how to do that.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Incredible photos, Snowcatcher. Those little ducks are so darling! And a pair of baby skunks. How cute is that??? Always safer when they are facing you...

  8. Think I'd prefer skunks to rattlers. Great images! Must make for a lengthy trip though if you stop to take photographs unless of course that is your job :) then peddling to work with stops along the way would make perfect sense!

  9. Beautiful critters and great shots by you :)

  10. It looks like you were very close to those skunks... but i'm guessing that you were using a telephoto lens?

    You see a spectacular array of wildlife on your rides to work. If I had your commute, I'd be late every day from stopping to take photos!

    I have to admit that I especially love the bird silhouette against the sunrise sky. The baby birds marching in step are very cool too (award winning, as I remember!).


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