28 June 2011

Good People

High Roller Jerseys Past
One of my co-workers learned the day before the MS-150 I was only $55 away from becoming a High Roller for the first time ever. She wasted no time bringing a check to push me over the hump so I could ride this year's event knowing next year, I won't have to wait in line at the rest stop outhouses! (Just look at that cool thermometer on the sidebar!!!)

Two days before the ride, one of my treasured readers put The Lizard at his goal, so he was able to ride knowing next year he will be a Premium Pedaler for the first time ever. Have you ever seen a Lizard's tail wag?!? Boy, was he ever one happy camper!

High Roller Jersey of the PastEach MS-150 participant has the entire year to raise money, but riders must raise at least $400 before the event in order to participate. Riders who raise $1,000 (Premium Pedalers) get to register early for the next year's ride, a blue bike number (instead of white) and a discount on registration fees. Riders who raise $2,000 (High Rollers) get the same reward PLUS a special blue room at each rest stop, a yellow bike number, a parking pass for the event AND a High Roller jersey.

Each spring, I host an ice cream social at my work to raise money for the Colorado-Wyoming Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Some of my co-workers have MS, and some of my co-workers have friends or family with MS. As a result, my co-workers have been supportive and generous year after year. We always scheduled my ice cream social in May so I could raise enough money by the event deadline.

This year, both The Lizard and I had already raised the minimum required amount prior to the ride, thanks to snowflake crocheters literally all over the world. Last May, it was still snowing in Colorado! My co-workers suggested I wait until July to host the ice cream social because more people would be in the mood to enjoy cold ice cream then, and I might be able to raise even more money than normal.

Past High Roller JerseySo next month, in July, I will spend about $90 of my own money on ice cream and toppings (including fresh fruit and sugar-free offerings so I and a few diabetic co-workers can enjoy treats, too), and typically, during a good year, I will raise between $400 and $800 in the office. A very worthwhile investment, in my opinion.

The year the economy bottomed out, no one had anything extra to give, and all charities suffered. The Lizard was unable to ride the MS-150 that year because we couldn't raise enough money for both of us to participate, and I ended up putting in some of my own cash to bring mine up to the required amount before the ride.

For some people, the economy still isn't very good, and yet, they still find ways to help charitable causes such as the MS-150. Many of my own supporters have confided circumstances that should have prevented them from contributing, but that didn't stop them. I am surrounded by amazing people on every front.

I don't know yet when I will receive my EARNED High Roller jersey. Once I do receive it, it likely will be one of my top two favorite jerseys of all time. (Pikes Peak will be THE favorite if I make it to the summit this year.) Each time I wear the High Roller jersey, it will be a reminder, as well as a showy demonstration, that the world is full of good people. No matter what the news says.

5 NOV 2013 UPDATE: I'm now registered for the 2014 ride. My new fund-raising page is located here.

Past High Roller Jersey
High Roller jersey photos by The Lizard


  1. it is so hot today I can´t even think of biking. I just go the the kitchen for ice coold water. :)

  2. Happiness is a full thermometer. Way to go, Deb!

  3. Have I told you lately how fantastic you are at capturing colors with your photos...enriching they are and so inspirational!

  4. Thank you for the reminder that there are good people in the world--and you are one of them! For the friends and colleagues of mine with MS, this is a wonderful ride you are doing.

  5. Love seeing all those jerseys.

    A special outhouse is a very creative reward that makes perfect sense for an event like this.

    I see the first jersey says "Grand High Roller." Do they still have that category?

  6. Thanks, Everyone!

    Sue, I'm sorry for not answering sooner; busy week!

    I believe the Grand High Roller is now the Top 100 Club. They raise BIG bucks. So I guess, no, they don't call any group Grand High Rollers anymore.


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