25 June 2011


One iPhone charge lasts for 33 photos and three blog posts. And no music.

Deer Creek Canyon and Vail Pass have done their jobs. Today's climbs, which are much lower in altitude, didn't seem as hard as in the past.

I was able to ride with my team for 11 miles. !!! I've never been able to hold their pace more than 2 or 3 miles in the past.

Now it's time to catch some Zzzs. Nite, nite!


  1. It feels so good to ride strong and climb without the granny gears. You are getting stronger. Congratulations!

  2. Is the Raw Hinies the same team as Great West (pretty sure that's what you said your team is)? A virtual friend is on team Raw Hinies. It's been fun reading her FB updates and your blog posts and following both of you while you ride for such a great cause.

  3. Your bicycle riding is truly inspiring and impressive!!!

  4. Congrats on a great job! Love the photos (Raw Hinies - awesome). I'm just about to take a ride myself and am all charged up by looking at your pictures.

    "Something attempted, something done
    has earned a night's repose."

    Sleep well! :)

  5. You're riding very, very strong this year! It's been enjoyable watching you progress through the months.

    How about that Carrabba's, ehhh?

  6. Thanks, GW! But I do use the granny gears... I hope that doesn't disappoint you!

    Priszm, Raw Hinies are another team, bigger and raising more money. Glad someone from the Hinies was tweeting about the ride! Raise more awareness!

    Thanks, Ablicid, Sue and Lizard!


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