28 October 2010

Second Sock Syndrome Revisited

Constant Reminder
I knew if I kept that potential golf club cover on the arm of my chair, so I had to look at it ever night, I'd eventually finish the second sock. Added incentive came from some gorgeous yarn I couldn't wait to use. I vowed I would not touch the pretty yarn until the ugly sock was done.

The ugly sock is done! Well, and now, I don't think it's so ugly anymore. Maybe I just needed a vacation from the "butterfly" color for a while. I actually like this new pair of socks now. Yet still, these do NOT look like butterflies to me!

Ugly Duckling turns Butterfly


  1. I love the socks and I REALLY like that little pet nestled between them.

  2. There's no ugly sock there! Love these.

  3. Why, that could be the butterfly genus known as Happily Flappily Feets. They're beautiful!!! And there's nothing like yummy new yarns taunting you to give you a second wind. =)

  4. Congratulations! They look great. And I loooooove the lizard between. Do you have a pattern for that little guy?

  5. Thank you everyone!

    You know, I've made eight of the little lizards now, and each is totally different because I have not written a pattern yet. But sounds like I need to do that. Had no clue the geckos would be so popular!!!

  6. I have been thinking about doing some socks. I love the gorgeous sock yarn I have seen.

    Have a beautiful afternoon.

  7. At the start, I just kept thinking that you definitely don't have a dog like R living in your house. That yarn on the arm of the chair would have been spread out all over the house before you ever started the sock!

    Gorgeous socks. I like 'em!

  8. LOVE! Oh how I wish I lived closer so you could teach me. :0)

  9. Not ugly at all I LOVE these socks! The lizard is pretty cool too.


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