12 October 2010

Pinch me quick!

bad, bad dreams
Yarn over, draw through two, yarn over... whoops!

I wasn't watching where I was walking, and I tripped over one of my own two feet, plummeting head over heels many stories downward, still hanging onto that crochet hook and pink yarn.

Quickly I began crocheting a harness, hoping The Lizard would hold TIGHTLY onto the skein of yarn that must have tangled on a beam or something at the top of the skyscraper skeleton where he was working and I'd been patiently stitching, wandering, waiting for him to escape away to lunch with me. I'm terrified of heights. He doesn't work in skyscrapers! What the heck was I doing up there!?!

My terrifying nightmare (which I wasn't sure was real life or a dream at this point) reminded me of something my brother always used to tell us when we were kids. "If you dream you're falling and you land," he'd lecture, "you won't wake up!"

"And just how do you know that?" I'd tease. He never had an answer to that.

I guess this nightmare was payback. In a big way. I was falling, falling, falling, and crocheting as quickly as I could, then squirming into the feeble handmade harness while trying not to lose my crochet hook, hoping my creation would act like a bungee cord. I really didn't want to splat on the street, which seemed to be getting closer and closer and closer, but was still so far away. The wind was wrapping my long hair around my eyes and ears and making it difficult for me to hear my own heartbeat. My palms were sweaty. "Please, Lizard, please hang onto that skein! Don't let it all pull out!" Did he even know I had fallen? Had I clued him in I was there waiting for him? Was he watching me tumble?

I must not have hit the ground. I woke up. My hair was tangled around my face. My heartbeat was racing. My palms truly were sweaty. And oh, my gosh, am I so very glad it was only a horrible, awful, atrocious, hideous dream!



  1. That was a really bad dream...

  2. Awesome adventure in photos and narrative! Sorry it had to be based on a real nightmare, though.

  3. That was a terrifying dream for me, and I wasn't the one who had it! The only funny part was the crocheting, and the yarn holding you up... *That* part would never be in one my dreams since I don't know how to crochet!

  4. Well, it sounds like a hideous dream but those pics are hysterical so I guess I'm on the fence, whether to laugh or commiserate! I'm glad you didn't 'land.' ;>)

  5. I'm with Kate on this one! :)

    You're the only person I know who could crochet their way out of a nightmare or a fall.

  6. Great photos - sorry about the nightmare!

  7. Eeek scary and hilarious = scalarious. How did you do that it's too perfect.
    I've had some pretty scary dreams about falling once in a motor home going over a cliff I immediately while still dreaming began analyzing the dream and lucidly looked for a way out I forget what happened only I'm here to tell you that it did somehow turn out ok in the end :)

  8. I watched a video of a lady knitting who fell off a cliff and knitted like crazy trying to catch herself, kinda like your dream, lol. Whew, glad you woke up in one piece!

  9. That was quite the nightmare ... where did you get those pictures? You made me realize I've never had a dream about knitting in all these years. I used to dream about typing where I could see the keys and watch my hands type. Weird!

  10. what a story. :) I can sometimes inflict on the dreams. But only on dreams that comes 2 or 3 times.

    I found the first respond you made to NFP. this is the link:

    But I was not the one that was 2 yrs old, it was Watery Wednesday. I had blogs for several years. Some of them are now archive blogs.

    Here is a cool post from 2007:


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