18 October 2010

Snowflake Challenge

Two crafty and creative souls vied for a mile and a half of white crochet thread in my first Snowflake Challenge, and I actually have two jumbo balls, so each of them will receive one!

I had planned to ask three of my non-crocheting co-workers to judge this competition because I've been a judge in photography contests, and photographers can be... well, let's say, a little envious, of good work by others. I've also competed in quilt exhibitions and even though this may blacklist me in any future shows, quilt judges can be extremely... let's just say, harsh. I wanted everyone to walk away from this event with a smile. So I picked women who admire everyone with imagination and gush over all things handmade. I asked them if they would like to pass on any comments to Susan and Shantelle.

"Beautiful!" - Shelly

"I enjoyed looking at both of them, but I am no crochet expert. If had to make a choice, I would choose #2 because it immediately reminded me of that saying that no two snowflakes are alike. I appreciate that #1 actually integrated beads into her flakes; I'm sure that required advanced skill. They are both very good efforts." - Mary

Susan Rasmussen Eyring Jones

Susan's entry

Shantelle Cox

Shantelle's entry

Congratulations, and thank you for participating! I enjoyed seeing your work! If you will email your snailmail address to me at snowcatcher at att dot net, I will get your prizes off to you in the mail, and I'll bet you won't be running out of snowflake makin's any time soon!


  1. Well done! All of you! Congratulations to the crocheters! It is very difficult to choose one. I agree with you, both won! Brazilian kisses, Ane.

  2. Those are both so beautiful. Choosing would be difficult. Great work and I am envious of their skill and artistry.

  3. Wow, they're all breathtaking. Wouldn't they be pretty hanging in a window?

  4. More comments from one of our "judges":

    "First: Liked that the snowflakes were different sizes. I'm a huge pearl fan so this really struck my eye. Truly enjoyed the beading sewn into each snowflake.

    Second: Pretty! Pretty! Pretty and unique. I swear I've seen these snowflakes on my winter coat in Vail! Like how the there is different beading in between each snowflake." - Susan

    (I have such awesome co-workers!)

  5. Oh... these are so beautiful! Sorry I'm painfully late weighing in, but I just had to pause, drink in the eye-candy and say that both artists did a wonderful job with their flakes.

    The second set really jumped out at me- but when I puzzled the *why* it occurred to me that since my favorite color is black... the backdrop and the presentation grabbed my attention and wouldn't let go. So there you have it.

    This would have been really tough to judge, especially because I've never even *met* a crochet needle. :)


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