31 October 2010

Project Blizzard

autumn leaves
Getting Ready for Christmas
Costumed tots forgo Halloween cupcakes to enjoy the skyscraper view of Denver.
Still purring after all these miles!
Outside my window, through the glass!
He/She gave me only one shot...
Don't ask me why this made me giggle, but it did.
Comment Love
Couldn't get away from a meeting to shoot the dramatic sunset, so I shot through the window, intentionally bluring the business foreground.
Happy Amber and Mason
You KNOW Vipre blatantly timed this specific update at this precise moment!
Indian Summer Bicycle Rides!!!
Autumn Flowers and PhotoShop
These are some of the things that made me smile during October. (Mouse over photos for explanations.) I'm on a quest, along with Alicia over at A Beautiful Mess, to make the world a happier place, one photo at a time. Read more about Project Smile here, and then make sure to visit other Project Smile participants by checking out Alicia's blog.

Oh, and don't forget to SMILE!!!


  1. Wonderful post, wonderful pictures. You are doing it, making me smile, one picture at a time. Have a lovely day.

  2. wow, I love this post. Awesome captures!

  3. I'm glad so many things made you smile during October! At first I couldn't understand why you put a virus scan up, but then I realized the time/date. Haha.

  4. I love your photos - and your smiles in nature! Unfortunately, the explanations didn't show on my computer when I moused over the photos. But your photos told the story quite well! Happy Halloween, and Happy Project Smile Day!

  5. They're all great pictures and wonderful things to smile about. Love the butterfly on the handlebars and that last smiling flower!

  6. I enjoyed the variety (and creativity) in the photos of your Project Smile.

  7. Beautiful photos, as always (do I sound like a broken record?). You made me smile too!

  8. They sure made me smile - great photos!

  9. What fun shots. Especially love the first and last ones. Thanks so much for playing along and sharing your smiles with us. It's a great mission...

    And I'm smiling.


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