19 October 2010

Wordless Wednesday

a place to remember
pink and white
memorial tribute
Another curious visitor!
Flanked by Autumn Radiance
My partner in rose photography crime.


  1. I LOVE two-colored roses. They are the best to photograph and put as wallpaper. Love the flowers.

  2. So colorful and lovely. I really like the photo with the little bug :)

  3. beautiful!!!! I bet it smelled heavenly too! that is one flower I can not grow, and I love them, sigh... thanks for sharing ~hugs, Faythe @GMT

  4. you put a lovely splash of color into my day. Gorgeous!

  5. Lovely photos :). I often visit here in Finland in Tampere Hatanpää arboretum, it´s full of roses ♥.

  6. Lovely shots! What a glorious view to sip coffee to!

    Even though mine isn't nearly as pleasant, please feel welcome to see my plates before and after!

  7. The way every single petal is lit up and captured ... absolutely beautiful! The tiny bug was a surprise. =)

  8. Beautiful roses & photos! I agree with yulianknits the two-tone is beautiful! Happy WW!

  9. so many gorgeous flowers. My favourite is the creamy one. :)

  10. Just what I needed... now if only I could smell them and feel the soft petals I would be set... Love the last photo hehee...

    *on a side note*
    Thank you for the kind words. It truly has been a tough time lately and it is difficult to keep smiling.

  11. Glorious flowers! Beautiful shots. :-)

  12. beaudiful picutres . gruß martina

  13. can you tell me what the name of the top rose is? I've got one just like it which came with the house.

  14. Stratoz, I had to really do some research to find the answer to that question. I love roses, but I don't know the varieties. I think I found this one, though!

    Fourth of July Rose

    How fitting for the entryway of a war memorial garden!

    I also found some other gorgeous varieties of splattered roses. Check these out!

    Red Intuition Roses
    Freedom's Ring
    Zebra Rose
    Oranges 'n' Lemons
    Modern Art
    And my personal favorite (of everything I looked up), the Purple Tiger

  15. I had to sit and just bask in the radiant warmth of these roses... you've captured detail so exquisite that I can almost conjur their scent.

  16. Wow, so colorful, so vivid! My favorite is the rose with the yellow aspens behind it. I love contrasts like that!

    The tiny bug is pretty cool too. I wonder what it is? (I'm always wondering...)

    Been looking at those DSLRs... pretty expensive but might be SO much fun.

  17. Wow! So many blooms still going on! glad you stepped past the sign today and shared with us too. :)

  18. I loved every single one - beautiful shots!


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