05 October 2010

Cinnamon Pass

The Lizard on Cinnamon Pass
The Lizard
The Lizard on Cinnamon Pass
Cinnamon Pass Overlook
Cinnamon Pass was the site of one of my early dates with The Lizard, back in the day when I could eat still eat such sugar-drenched masterpieces as Cinnabon. Back then, we enjoyed our big, fat, gooey cinnamon rolls atop The Pass, soaking up the most magnificent view of San Juan 14ers Sneffels, Handies, Redcloud and Sunshine.

Last weekend, we pedaled The Pass, first time for me, sans cinnamon, but with lots of luscious autumn color.

The Lizard on Cinnamon Pass
The Lizard on Cinnamon Pass


  1. Just beautiful, I like a lot such views and colors.

    Here, where I live, we don´t have any mountains, it´s all flat. But it´s easy to bike :)

  2. beautiful autumn colors!

  3. Oh that first date did you pedal up to eat the cinnamony goodness? Beautiful fall photos and a perfect location to fall in love!

  4. Thanks my very dear friends! I hope I can continue to thrill you with more autumn color for just a bit longer. Keep your fingers crossed the weather holds out a couple more weekends! There are still a few green leaves out there!

    Lisa, Cinnamon Pass wasn't our first date, just an early date, and we four-wheeled up it so he could prove to me it really exists. Our first date was in Moab...

  5. Gorgeous scenery. I'm afraid the only thing that would get my lazy butt up that mountain, though, would be the reward of a Cinnabon!


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