24 July 2012

Wordless Wednesday

twin berry

Columbine along Schofield Pass

Fireweed along Schofield Pass

Senecio along Schofield Pass

Larkspur along Schofield Pass

Sneezeweed along Schofield Pass

Green Gentian along Schofield Pass

welcome relief


  1. What a wonderful flower fix! That green gentian is so delicately lovely. And it looks like you got some rain? So did we - a very welcome relief indeed.

  2. So very dreamy, the simple pleasures of life. I'll take some of the second to last photos please!

  3. Great collection of flowers, and a nice bonus with the water droplets at the end!

  4. The glossy black in the first photo is amazing!

  5. Isn't it amazing that we have twin berries and fireweed already? This summer is so far ahead of schedule.

    I love all of them, but you particularly showed off the beauty of the fireweed. I find it to be very hard to photograph well... but yours is gorgeous!

  6. The second photo wins as far as catching my eye the most, but really, one photo from you is enough to catch my eye


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