20 July 2012

Friday Funny

Yet another collection of links to make you laugh...

Death by Chocolate and more...

"I'd like a chocolate cake with white flake on it, please." (scroll to 5th picture, but feel free to laugh at all)

fixed laughter

Not necessarily funny, but definitely fun

Gullible's Travels

Painting With Light

I want to try this!!!

WAY cool

Simply Amazing


  1. Some interesting sites ... the paint drop, a few friends (artist) just did some painting using I think this technique, they are awesome. The video ... I found myself making faces along with those wee ones admist the chuckles! Thanks for the smiles. Have a good weekend.

  2. Oh gosh, I love Cake Wrecks. (And they all look so dreadfully shortening-y too. Give me real buttercream or give me death.)

    That water-drop photography is astounding.

    I make the exact same faces when I eat lemon - it must be a universal human tendency. :)


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