17 July 2012

Wordless Wednesday

columbine silhouette

columbine sunset

fire-enhanced sunrise

Yucca Sunrise

Salsify Sunrise

wide angle sunrise

smoky sunset


  1. You do such lovely, lovely things with a camera! (((Hugs))))!

  2. So very perfect, with views like this, that's all you need! No words necessary!

  3. Those silhouettes are particularly striking. Such clear boundaries of the shapes. Well done!

  4. So beautiful ♥.

    Here it´s now raining and raining...and raining.

  5. I especially like the Columbine Sunset ... I do love purple and orange together.

  6. That last one is way splendid!

  7. Cannot get enough of your picture taking.......I have to remind myself to breathe....

  8. I love the light... ah, the warm rays of the sun low in the sky will always warm my soul, especially when an artist like you captures it.

    It's sad how short the columbine season was. But, I've been watering my own columbines like crazy and they seem to be attempting a second round of blooming, a welcome splash of hope in my life.


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