05 July 2012

Fly Away Home

new home

The ladybugs arrived. They spent part of Day 1 on my desk, right next to my lunch. They began crawing around inside the airy container once they warmed up. I wondered if they could smell my burrito.

Instructions say to release the tiny army late in the afternoon, after the temperature cools off. We'd been in the middle of a heatwave, and there was no cooling off. I didn't want my miniature soldiers to spend time in the fridge (which the instructions said is an option) after spending two or three days in a box. So we released them in 80-degree heat.

I wish my little brothers and sisters could have done something like this when we were growing up! We had a blast with the ladybugs as they began exploring and immediately devouring aphids and gnats gone wild. They indeed were very hungry!

The next morning, we located about 20 to 30 of the 1,500 (minus about five who died en route). It was going to be another hot day. A very hot day. Maybe they were seeking shade. Maybe they dug into the dirt to stay cool.

The next day, we could find only one lady bug.

And then there were none.

The aphids and gnats are dive-bombing again. I may just have to order another army.

Where's the bugs?!?

Fort Pampass

Salvia Outpost

Dahlia Unit

Serrano Air Base


  1. You bought ladybugs while we can't get rid of them quick enough! Once they start, they are everywhere! I realize they are beneficial, but they are also a nuisance when they get in your home.

  2. It´s been hot here, too...There are too many aphids, but the ladybugs are eating most of them, cool :).

  3. I was going to say something very similar to Charlotte's comment....

    Are they Japanese ladybeetles? If so then they're probably what we've struggled with in the past (only because they swarm indoors rather than staying outdoors where they belong). A very cold winter a few years back seemed to wipe them out and we haven't had a problem for the last few years. All of which doesn't get you your ladybugs back! I wonder if they're in the wall spaces of your house.

    Love the photos though. :)

  4. What a mystery! What could have happend to all those ladybugs?

  5. Hopefully they reproduced before vanishing... The larvae are funky and really have a huge appetite


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