27 July 2012

Friday Funny


  1. I absolutely love this! First because it's just too funny, but second because this was one of my most favorites songs and while I was a little girl playing on my swing set I'd sing this song as it (almost screamed) out of my sister's window from her little record player! You know the kind you could close up like a suitcase and carry it around! Oh those were the days....I miss her. She passed away at age 19. Thank you for the memories!

  2. Wow, Karen, that was a neat memory. We must be in the same generation. I had a little record player in a blue and white suitcase, too, and I had not thought of it in years. Thank YOU for the memory! (Lost a little sister, too, as well as a little brother, so my heart is right with you on that.)

  3. Ha! Even when Paul McCartney's in charge, life isn't perfect. :)

  4. Wow - he's still got it. How fun to hear this song again. And who DID pull the plug?


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