31 July 2012

Going for the Gold

lunch hour progress
... or, well, going for the green. And blue. And lilac. And gray.

I hoped for a full lunch hour last Friday, and I hoped I could pull it off at 2, which was the legal Mountain Daylight Time for Team Final Frontier and other all the other Ravellenics teams to begin this year's projects. We have until the end of the closing ceremonies to complete projects we started after the commencement of the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremonies.

I got my one-hour lunch hour, and I cast on a whole four stitches at precisely 2:11 p.m. I thought I'd be able to knit, knit, knit, purl 12 to 15 rows in that short time.

I did 40. !!! Lightning danced outside the 31st floor conference room window while I worked, providing me a light show nearly as good as what I might have seen had I been able to attend the Opening Ceremonies in person.

Yes, the first rows are extremely short, so they go extremely fast. But I made the same mistakes I made earlier this year when I made my first Lanesplitter Skirt with Noro, and I had to frog a row every once in a while because I kept forgetting which row was to be purled.

But now I'm in the swing of it, and man, oh, man, is this going to be the prettiest skirt I own! I'm hoping to wear it to work in two weeks!

lunch hour view

weekend progress

I love these colors.


  1. Wow, lovely colors. I sure you can wear your Lanesplitter in two weeks :).

  2. Good luck! I know you will finish on time. Knitting is slower than crochet, isn't it?

  3. The colors are lovely and I think they reflect the sky.
    Thanks as always for the visit..I always appreciate it.

  4. Gosh, that's some gorgeous yarn. It it two colourways? Noro is amazing.

    Enjoy the process! And be sure to model it for us when you're done. :)

  5. Thank you, Neferi, Charlotte, Emma and Sue!

    Not Noro... Chroma, the cheap Noro lookalike. :)

  6. Oh my goodness... the color gradation and stitch pattern are just exquisite!


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