24 July 2012

Boldly Go

Soon to become a gorgeous diagonally striped skirt for this winter.

It's HERE!

The yarn for my primary 2012 Ravellenics project has timely arrived, safe and sound, and now I sit upon my size 6 knitting needles awaiting the official start of this year's London Olympics.

Thanks to a huge, um... blip... in publicity last month, Ravellenics has become more popular than ever. More than 7,500 knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers and other assorted fiber artists will attempt to complete projects they may not start until the Opening Ceremonies and that must be finished by the end of the Closing Ceremonies.

I plan to make another Lanesplitter skirt. Last winter, I was asked to crochet a fancy lace edging on a knitted shawl, and the shawl knitter paid me with multiple skeins of gorgeous Noro yarn. I used some of it to make my first Lanesplitter.

Ta da!

I've got my work cut out for me this year. With dollar signs in my eyes and medical bills in my mailbox, I committed to shoot a wedding this Friday night, the night of the Opening Ceremonies, although they will occur six hours earlier than my time zone. I wasn't thinking. I should have remembered the date. It's my dad's birthday. And yet, I am thankful my bride-to-be former co-worker is trusting her special day (evening) to me.

If all goes well at work, my plan is to take my workday lunch hour in an empty office promptly at 2 p.m. (the legal Mountain Daylight Time Ravellenic start time) and cast on and finish perhaps 12 to 15 rows before I must return to work.

For the next 14 days, my knitting needles will battle our home laptop computer as both vie for my free time. The needles proudly claim all public transportation time, and the laptop likely will win out in the evenings until wedding photos have been duly retouched and burned to CDs for the newlyweds.

As a result of deadline conflicts, I plan to complete only one Ravellenics project this year. Anything above and beyond that shall be a bonus.

I'm sure I'll be able to work in a snowflake somewhere along the way, and hopefully it will have as good a story as my last um, Snowflake That Must Not Be Called By Its Original Name.

Lizard Artwork

Last time around, I competed with Team Colorado. This year, it's Team Final Frontier.

I designed a team avatar and banner last time around. Perhaps I need to craft a Starship Amigurumi this year...

The Team Colorado badge I designed


  1. Blue-yellow-black-green-red interlocked rings! Twenty-Twelve! London!

    (Take this comment down, USOC. It infringes ... something.)

    What absolutely stunning yarn. Can't wait to see it made up. Have fun, and watch out for the copyright police!

    P.S. I loved Life Savers Sweet Storybooks too.

  2. Bet you can't imagine that I just love the colors in that new yarn. :)


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