19 July 2012

Growling Breakfast Food

Cereal Spillers

Years ago, I got this wild idea to shoot my tiny bears with rainbow-colored items, such as flowers, candy and cereal. The photos came out so cute, I decided to make greeting cards. On a whim, I listed a group of the cards on Etsy, and the breakfast club has become my biggest hit – as far as views, not sales.

You can even find them on Amazon!

I named this series Cereal Spillers because it rhymes with Serial Killers. Yes, I know, not the best thing in the world with which to be associated. But I thought the narrative was super cute.

Thirteen hundred-plus viewers can't be wrong, right?!?

Imagine my surprise when I learned there is a top secret synth musician(s) by the same name producing some visually intriguing music videos.


  1. What could be cuter then your bears and cereal. I love those little critters...yes, cute name, I'll not pay attention to the other name! You are some talented lady.

  2. Those visuals are right up your creative alley, aren't they? (You wouldn't happen to be the top secret musician yourself?)

    Gosh those bears are cute - and now I'm craving Froot Loops. Next you should pose your worm-in-an-apple with some Apple Jacks. And how about a bee with some Honeycomb? You can eat the props when you're done - think of it as carb-loading for the next ride. :)

  3. I love your seated bears! Do you sell the pattern anywhere?

  4. Thank you, Gloria, Sue, Wayne and Kathy!

    Sue, you've ignited my imagination... THANK YOU! But sadly, no, I'm am not the mystery synth musician. I wish I could play any musical instrument.

    Kathy, by request, I wrote a pattern for a little bear for this year's snowflake booklet, which is featured in the sidebar to the right. My iPhone won't let me paste a link in the comment box, but there are links in the sidebar.

  5. Your bears are the cutest and pastel......You are also doing great on your bike miles so far!

  6. Thank you, Msria... There's a very dark side to the bicycle miles this month...


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