25 October 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Corona Arch

We arrived just in time to see something we did not expect.


bundles of nerves

the teacher


sweet ground

One Happy Lizard

a face for Halloween



  1. Wow - that first shot - the arch looks like a portal. I can imagine stepping through it and finding myself in some magical place. But the reality is magical enough!

    I can't imagine rapelling (is that the right word?) down rock and then just swinging out into space. You'd have to have a lot of faith in the gear.

    The rocky terrain reminds me of an old Star Trek episode (original series - with Kirk on a desert planet battling a ludicrous-looking reptilian dude).

    What a gorgeous place.

  2. Your wonderful pictures of this arch and what look like caves in the rock make me wish I knew more about geology.

  3. Beautiful shots and landscape. I would love get back there again soon.

  4. These are incredible! Just when we think you're all about the bike ... did you have a go at this as well? Looks scary. The landscape is incredible, very Middle-Earth says the nerd in me. I bet Titanium would love them!

  5. WOW! Such a gorgeous landscape..and daring adventure. WOW!

  6. That's a gorgeous arch. I love the photos that put its size into perspective. It's huge compared to a person!

    The photo of the climber with the moon is priceless.

  7. Wow amazing shots! Not an activity that I would dare do however.

    Yes, the photo from yesterday is what nature looks like right now where I live :)

  8. wonderful wordless story. You do them so well


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