04 October 2011

Wordless Wednesday

a short hike along the flanks of Mount Princeton

designer leaves

leopard leaves


Looks like the Colorado Trail has some hungry critters just like my garden.


frost victims


salamander head, just needs eyeballs


  1. Ahhhhh, Mother Nature's show...and it doesn't cost a thing! You've captured it beautifully! My only complaint is that the show is darned short!

  2. Fall... I'm not ready for it!!! Ahhhh!

  3. I like the autumn colors, it would be nice if it was warm, too...here in Finland it´s quite chilly now, brrrr.

  4. Beautiful close-ups of the leaves. I love seeing the detail of the colors and the intricate shapes that border them.

  5. I guess it is all about aging with beauty in the midst of our imperfections

  6. love the green surrounding the hole in the fifth one

  7. Vibrant and amazing colors. It looks like you took a trip... to an area that we were considering visiting this weekend but the weather report now looks discouraging...

    It's interesting how you chose the "blemishes" to focus on and it made your photos all the more fascinating.

    I think that a macro lens for my slr might be next on my list after seeing your photos.

  8. ahhh, don't ya just love those colors?!

  9. ...thanks...such lovely conversation between the changing leaves of life and nature....all so pleasing in their own little journey!

  10. Well, Stratoz and I are on the same wavelength because I noticed the green around the hole in the yellow leaf too. Lovely!

  11. Happy sigh. Thanks for these moments of beauty.

  12. Fantastic colours, well captured too, lovely!


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